Not looking for commitment

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Spending your life forever committed to one person, until death do you part, is supposed to be a romantic, grandiose notion we should all aspire to. When I realized this, I felt like there was something wrong with me. Am I letting fears hold me back? What if the right guy comes into my life and I miss out on that fairy tale ending? I am here to tell you, though, there is nothing wrong with forgoing a committed relationship.

You may be going against a heavily ingrained stigma of how women should act in our society, Not looking for commitment stigmas suck and are meant to be radically questioned. You owe it to no one to be in a relationship. You do owe it to yourself to be authentic in your life.

Be selfish — pursue your career or self-love with full force. Move across the country. Take on that new side hustle. Focus on yourself and stay true to your needs. They go to a quiet little bar off Sunset Blvd where they chat about their respective careers in television. A few days later, another night much like the one above occurs, just at a different bar with a different Tinder match. If anything, it sounds like the opening scene to a modern RomCom. Men have long been able to date in a certain way that was never socially acceptable for women.

Well, that is complete and utter bullshit.

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You are not slutty. You are not promiscuous. You are doing nothing wrong. Dating around and enjoying your single life is nothing to be afraid of. Of course, be safe — in and out of the bed. Life happens as it needs to happen. The chances are super fucking slim.

He explained that the future version of myself will emit a sort of energy — not the woo woo kind — that will attract someone I genuinely want to commit to. Honoring how you feel will create sustained happiness; not just concerning love, but life in general.

The point is, whatever way we choose to live out our love lives, is ours alone to decide. And whatever that may look like will always be the right choice.

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Not looking for commitment

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