A womans body is a truley work of art

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This was mostly a socioeconomic bias. Food was obviously not as readily available as it is now for the most part ; thus, the top tier, or wealthier members of society were well-fed, and it showed. Having a bigger body showed prosperity, artists painted many well-to-do women who were their patrons, and slowly this became the beauty standard. Men desired curvy women, and women liked bigger men. So it was. The ideal body fluctuated throughout the ages.

The economy was booming, and Americans began to incorporate regular exercise into their daily lives.

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Wade slimmed down their waists and arms, and added breasts. It also shows how much our beauty standards have changed, of course. What was alluring in the s to the s is now considered overweight. When you pass by the health magazines at the grocery store, keep in mind that they would look way, way different if we were living in another decade.

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Ultimately, we should love our bodies the way they are, regardless of the decade in which we exist. Featured image via. Images via.

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A womans body is a truley work of art

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The Portrayal of Women Throughout History