Jump Start Your Morning

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And for me, the best way to ensure a smooth morning is preparing the night before. So, these are the little things I always do to make my mornings a little less difficult for me AND my family. I quickly pack it and put it on the sofa, all ready to go. No weather surprises, OK?

This way, you can also pack either your umbrella or your sunglasses. How come most existential wardrobe crises happen in the morning? When the carefully selected and curated collection just suddenly turns on you and offers absolutely no options at all? Been there, done that.

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To avoid this, I try to plan my outfits the night before. Check the weather, check your daily program, and select your outfit.

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No coffee? No way. No breakfast? So, plan ahead. My cooking skills are somewhat limited, but even I can manage an overnight oats. Just mix together some oats, a yoghurt, milk, honey, chia seeds and put it in the fridge the night before. It literally takes 45 seconds. I can also mentally go through and prepare for any programs, meetings, events, or after work activities going out, chores, gym etc.

I feel much more focused, productive, and in control this way. The snooze button is not your friend at all.

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It is actually bad news all around. It delays the inevitable, is incredibly annoying, and usually just simply makes you oversleep and there goes the whole nice morning idea. I usually wake up naturally around 6. Set your alarm around 1,5 hours before you have to leave. In my experience, that is ample time to fully wake up, get prepared comfortably — even for 20 minutes reading or news scrolling with your coffee.

And put your phone out of easy reach. It really makes a difference when the first thing you see in the morning is a nice, clean living room and not something that looks like a battleground.

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The last, but most important thing to do? Create a nice evening routine and let your body and mind recharge. No s, no work, use this time to do what makes you happy — whether it be reading, spending time with friends or your partner, a nice bath, or some Netflix. How do you expect your mind to be in top form if you never let it rest? Save Save. Related posts. Need some inspiration? Read these 5 fascinating autobiographies.

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Jump Start Your Morning

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7 Morning Hacks to Jumpstart Your Day