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Would you like to react to this message? Home Portal Search. Display as : Posts Topics. A forum for the discussion of relationships between adult family members. This FAQ is for the benefit of any visitors to our forum. Keith will be adding to this thread too, and possibly some of the other admins. If non-admin members feel that we have missed anything important, don't post the question in this thread, PM myself or Keith.

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This is so that the thread does not become cluttered, as it will likely be linked to on other websites. Thanks, Jane What is the purpose of this forum? This forum is for people who are, or who were involved in consensual incestuous or GSA relationships. It's a support forum where members can discuss the issues we face in our lives honestly and openly in a safe, secure and non-judgemental environment. I cannot see any forums with discussions about incest, where are they? The main forums have been hidden from the public, new members are required to post an introduction before we upgrade their to make all the forums visible to them.

This helps our members feel safe and secure, in addition to keeping out underage persons or unsavory characters. Why would anyone want to have an incestuous relationship? Well, for much the same reasons that anyone wants to have any kind of relationship. People fall in love and they want to be together, and sometimes it happens between people who are closely related.

What's the difference between incest and GSA? Genetic Sexual Attraction occurs when relatives were separated during childhood, usually through adoption, and then they fall in love after they are reunited. Non-GSA incest occurs when two relatives that have never been separated fall in love with each other.

Both groups of people are welcome at these forums, as are allies Adult couples sex forums Kindred friends and family of those affected who would like to learn more. Isn't incest illegal? In many places it is, but did you know that around half of the worlds population live in places where it is not against the law? In truth it should not be a criminal offence anywhere when all both parties are consenting adults. How common is incest? There isn't any hard statistics on this because of it's taboo nature and the fact that it's illegal in half of the world. If this is the case, then everyone knows somebody who has been involved whether they realize it or not.

Would decriminalizing incest make it easier for perverts to abuse their children? Laws already exist that make child sexual abuse illegal whether the perpetrator and victim or related or not, if anything the sentences given to such monsters need to be tougher than they already are. There is no reason to deny consenting adults their equal rights by turning lovers into criminals, it does nothing at all towards the protection of minors an causes catastrophic harm in peoples lives.

We stand united and wholeheartedly condemn pedophilia. I've seen the word 'consanguinamory' a lot, what does it mean? It literally means 'romantic lovers of family', and it is used as an umbrella term for consensual incest and GSA couples.

People use this word often instead of 'incest' because it cannot be confused with pedophilia or rape. Why can't you people find somebody else who isn't related to you to have a relationship with? For much the same reasons that a gay person can't find and be happy or fulfilled with an opposite sex partner, for some of us this is an orientation, we need the double-love dimension in a relationship for it to feel complete to us.

Even for those for whom it is not an orientation, why should they be made to find somebody else if they are happy and in love with their family member? Why should anyone have to settle for somebody else? Also, how fair is it on the person being used as a cover without their knowledge?

It makes more sense to let all Adult couples sex forums Kindred adults have the relationships that feel right and natural to them. Many of us have tried regular relationships and found that they feel incomplete to us. How can anyone become attracted to a family member? Usually this is down to lack of Westermarck effect. In GSA situations it didn't have chance to form because of the separation, GSA people are usually Westermarck effected for their adoptive family.

With non-GSA, we have no idea why the Westermarck effect is sufficiently low as to make these relationships possible. It would be interesting to find out why, but no studies have been done in this area yet. What's double-love?

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It's the special kind of love that only exists in incestuous and GSA relationships. It's a bond consisting of the family love and the romantic love rolled into one. It is very powerful and all encompassing and surpasses either kind of love on it's own.

Contrary to popular public belief, the family role and the lovers role are NOT in conflict, they go together very harmoniously in fact. Anyone who has experienced this knows what that's like. How can somebody consent to sex with a family member? The same way that they can consent with anyone else! No, it doesn't. Funny how this argument gets used when it comes to incest but the same lines of reasoning do not get applied to other relationships in which a power differential exists.

So if somebody can consent to sex with their boss, or sex with somebody much more wealthy, then surely they can consent to sex with a parent Actually telling offspring that they can't consent is insulting and offensive.

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Aren't incestuous people mentally ill? I mean, nobody sane would want to do that. Wrong again, I've spoken to lots of people over these many years and they have been as sane and mentally well balanced as any other group of people. Incest is not the result of mental illness, it is the result of people falling in love. The only mental illness we're likely to suffer from is anxiety and depression due to having to hide all the time and the fear of discrimination.

It's worth noting that the same rubbish was also said of gay people half a century ago. Won't kids growing up around incestuous parents cause them to become incestuous themselves? Not at all, for the same reason that being raised by a same-sex couple will not make you gay. The overwhelming majority of these children will develop the Westermarck effect and thus will not be attracted to anyone in their family. But shouldn't it be banned because of possible birth defects if they have kids?

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This is another line of reasoning that is applied exclusively to incest couples. We do not ban any other high risk groups from procreation or sexual relationships, and many of those groups have a higher chance of birth defects than incest couples. For instance, it's a known fact that women over 40 years of age run an increased risk of having with downs syndrome, but we do not ban sex or procreation for pre-menopausal over 40s, in fact we help these women to have children using IVF if they choose to start a family later in life and don't fall pregnant naturally.

There are also people who have a genetic defect themselves who have a high chance of passing it along to the next generation, but we do not stop people with Huntingtons Disease or Tay-Sachs from procreating or having sex.

I would argue most strongly that people should stop being armchair Eugenicists and apply the same lines or reasoning to everyone in a fair and balanced way. If other high-risk groups are allowed to have children, then the same should go for incest couples. What about when incest couples break up, doesn't that cause huge family problems? Not necessarily. It all depends on the reasons for the break-up. Some are forced apart by other relatives or friends who threaten to call the police.

Most of the time these ex-lover family members remain close friends and function as normal in the family role. Breaking up does not have to be Adult couples sex forums Kindred catastrophe each and every time, just as it doesn't for regular couples who have an amicable split or divorce.

Of course if the break up was due to infidelity or abusive behavior then that's a different story, but that can cause huge problems for a family whether the partners are related or not. Where can I find more information about consensual incest and GSA? Like Dislike.

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What Is Incest? Thu 28 Jul - This includes dating, literally sleeping together, seeing each other nude, hand-holding, hugging, kissing of any sort, contact with genitals, intercourse, living together, marrying, etc. This is NOT talking about assault, molestation, abuse, or coercion. If someone forces themselves on you, that is wrong regardless of their relation to you.

That depends on who you ask. Contrary to popular misconception, actual sexual contact between close genetic relatives is not a crime everywhere. There are three basic kinds of relations that are commonly called incestuous… Genetic… if people who are genetically related because they share at least one genetic parent or grandparent, it can be labeled as incest in the literal sense.

Someone who shares one genetic grandparent is a half-cousin. Someone who shares two genetic grandparents is a full first cousin. Legal… if people are legally related through adoption or share an adoptive parent, or have parents who are married to each other such as stepsiblingsor even if one person is or has been a stepparent to the other, it can be considered incest even though there is no genetic relation.

Adult couples sex forums Kindred, something can be considered "incestuous" from a genetic, legal, or sociological perspective. Some places include relationships where there is no genetic connection in their anti-incest laws. Also, there are many places where marriage between first cousins is legal including some US states and even common, but other places where such marriages are still denied.

There are some US states where consensual incest between full siblings is not illegal, but all states still deny this as a freedom to marry.

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Some people think of it as incest if two siblings from one family partner with two siblings from another family, even if both relationships are monogamous and do not swap. This is why many people brought together through GSA do not see their relationship as incestuous, but others, including law enforcement, might.

Rather than asking if their relationship is incestuous, there are two more relevant questions for someone to ask… 1. Is this illegal?

Adult couples sex forums Kindred

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