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There are lots of ways that space enthusiasts can contribute to our understanding of the solar system beyond our planet: You could become an astronaut, of course, or work in engineering, or in technical and administrative support.

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According to Kellie B. Going into space is hard on the body. The longer an astronaut is in space, the more severe the health effects can be.

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If we are going to be sending astronauts into space for long periods of time—as is the plan for future missions to the moon and Mars—scientists need to make sure that these missions can happen safely. Constantly lying down simulates how the human body behaves in weightlessness, according to the German Aerospace Center abbreviated to DLR in German. Participants will spend their days in bed, with their he at a six-degree tilt to reproduce the displacement of bodily fluids in space.

Getting paid to lie around all day might sound like a dream job, but the gig is more challenging than it sounds. Their diet will be strictly controlled; treats like pancakes will be served, according to the DLR, but they will be made without additives or artificial sweeteners. Compounding the unpleasantness, scientists will be poking and prodding to collect data, such as heart rate, bone mass and nutrient absorption. The goal is to find out whether artificial gravity can prevent or counteract the physiological effects of weightlessness.

For the second phase, scientists are seeking women between the ages of 24 and 55, who do not smoke, are a healthy weight and have a working knowledge of German. Seeking for nasa sex who would want to take part in such an experiment? Many are eager to support further developments in space exploration. Continue or Give a Gift. SmartNews History.

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Seeking for nasa sex

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