Do you love to give pleasure

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The end of a calendar year, with its many celebrations, invites us to revisit the ways in which we show love through the gifts that we give — and the ways in which we receive offerings from others.

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This week, I address ways to show love through providing pleasure; next week, I will explore the sometimes harder challenge of receiving gifts with grace. Make sure that the gift, whatever it is, suits the tastes and patterns of the one who receives it. Think carefully if your offering will provide pleasure to the one you love, or if you are trying to make yourself feel important through the giving.

Perhaps we need to ask:. We can give a gift that costs money, time, energy, or some combination of them. We may do so to fulfill an expectation, to provide delight, to underscore our recognition of who a loved one is or a quality unique to our bond with them, or simply to impress them in a way we feel sure they will understand. What gifts have you given with great joy?

What have you received that has brought you much pleasure?

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How does that sense of obligation affect your attitude and behavior? Can you think of an alternative that would allow both you and your loved one to derive more pleasure from what you are giving? Visit me at www. Roni Beth Tower Ph. Posted December 3, Share. About the Author. Read Next.

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Do you love to give pleasure

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